Find your career path as a comms pro

Mar 16, 2022

There’s no right way to have a comms career.

You don’t have to feel stuck on a particular path.

I did sales, press, comms strategy, social media, websites – before I found social media training, which I love. And maybe my career will turn into something else one day.

Keep looking for your groove.

Find something you like to do – for yourself, not for your employer or clients. It will be a welcome thing that YOU always have control over.

I did blogs, videos, a podcast – before I found cartoons as my way most comfortable to express myself and connect with others.

A lot of successful people do many things before they find their groove.

Try things out – any failures get you one step closer to finding what brings you satisfaction and even joy.

You don’t need to be good at things straight away.

Not everyone can be in the 30 under 30.

You can be great at one thing, then change your mind, or react to some new circumstances (even if this situation feels awful, and dents your confidence) – then move into a different phase of your career.

Toni Morrison was an editor before publishing her first novel when she was 39.

Ang Lee was a stay-at-home dad before becoming one of the world’s most celebrated directors at 41.

Ricky Gervais tried to be a pop star before creating “The Office” at 40.

If you’re lucky, your career won’t just be a job title and salary.

You’ll enjoy it all as part of a big adventure, with highs and lows, wins and struggles.

Do it your own way.


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Hel Reynolds

Hel Reynolds

Author of this post

Hel is social media trainer and boss of Comms Creatives. She has been working in comms since 2005, and has been brushing up her expertise in social media for brands since the good old days of MySpace. She also draws the Comms Cartoons, and is usually attached to a mug of coffee.

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