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I promise not to harp on about this after today but I WON AN AWARD!



I asked people here to vote for me in the local government official category of the Digital Leaders 100 Awards and some you lovely lovely readers must have actually done it.  Thank you! It’s so thrilling to have that kind of support from people I respect and like and it’s a terrific confidence boost.

As well as winning the Local Government gong and coming 16th in the list of 100 UK leaders, my business Social For The People came 5th in the start-up category and is in the top 50 of the full list. I was rooting for the tremendous Comms2point0 fellas to win in this category, but they deserve and will get many more accolades I’m certain.

Anyway, I’ve been doing Social For The People full time for only a few months so being on a list gives it some brilliant exposure.

Did I say thank you? THANK YOU!

People have been sending me such lovely messages, don’t believe what the Daily Mail says – in general people are kind and generous (and have great taste!).


I also found out this month that I’m number one on the #powerplayers14 list which I was obviously delighted with – I feel very greedy.  Rest assured, nobody could be happier or more chuffed than me.  I’m looking forward to the do in Manchester during the House Party conference where I get to celebrate with my fellow listees.

One last thank you to my people on Twitter, Esko Reinikainen, Philippa Davies, my family, my now deceased cat, and Elvis Costello for being regular sources of inspiration. *Fans away tears from eyes*