Comms cartoons

Comms Cartoons

Hel likes to doodle her idea about comms life, here are few of the most popular ones​.

make it go viral

Go viral, Susan

We've all been there.

How y know you're a comms creative

You're a comms creative

A short poem

comms manifesto pen

Comms manifesto

We use our powers for good.

what size unicorn (1)

Strategic comms

Be realistic.

comms approval process 2

The comms approval process

Give us strength!

comms bingo sheet

Comms facepalm bingo

Will you get a full house?

comms-dream-v-reality-1 (1)

The comms dream Vs reality

But we can dream, right?


Comms superpowers

Which would you choose?

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