Format: Live online (or catch up on recorded replays)

CPD: 2 hours of learning and professional networking for your records

Award: Professional certificate of attendance

Workshop: Mastering Difficult Comms Conversations

Want to improve your ability to set boundaries, handle tough conversations, or get the buy-in you need from leadership? 

Welcome to the solution: our interactive online masterclass , ‘Mastering Difficult Comms Conversations’ with Louisa Clarke

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For: Communications and marketing professionals

When: 17 January 2024, 11am – 12.30pm

Where: Live online training (Zoom)

Cost: £299+VAT per person
(Free for Comms Creatives Academy members)

We’ll cover some of the most common tricky conversations our Comms Creatives Academy members have told us they face:

  • Dealing with a zillion requests: Learn to navigate saying 'no' confidently, prioritising strategic work without sacrificing relationships
  • Getting leadership buy-In: Unlock strategies to effectively communicate your ideas and gain the support you need from leadership
  • Breaking bad news: Master the art of delivering difficult news both internally and externally with empathy and clarity
  • Presenting to management: Equip yourself with the skills to present insights that challenge existing perceptions or practices in a compelling and constructive manner.
  • Seeking promotion or professional development investment: Learn to confidently advocate for your growth and development within the organisation.

Workshop details

This unique workshop covers:

Confidence in clarity and expectation management
We’ll dive deep into strategies that enable clear and confident communication, even in the most challenging situations.

Properly brilliant boundary setting
Learn the secrets to establishing kind, yet firm boundaries that prioritise both respect and collaboration – and aren’t A) about getting your bolshy boots on, nor B) requiring of a personality transplant.

Step into your authority for better collaboration
Gain actionable insights to shift from a passive ‘doing FOR’ mindset to a proactive ‘working WITH’ approach, ensuring mutual respect in professional interactions.

Hands-on learning
Bring your real-life, real-time challenges in terms of pressures you’re put under – last minute requests, chronic underappreciation of your knowledge and skillset, impossible deadlines….argh!
We’ll have some time to strategise together so you feel calm, clear and equipped on how to navigate those conversations with as much calm as kindness. 


About your course tutor

Louisa Clarke’s area of expertise is giving you the tools to handle any challenging situation through open, honest, and rigorous communication – helping you have conversations that are always forward moving and productive, where all parties feel supported and heard. Yes, even the ones that you dread, delay or tend to avoid. Because when you get that right, everything else follows.

Her background as a lecturer in voice and voice coach, combined with an ongoing education in transactional analysis Psychotherapy and Restorative Practice,  gives her a unique and powerful expertise that can help professionals stop shying away from difficult conversations, and start aligning behaviours and standards with your big-picture goals. All from a PROPERLY human-first approach.

What makes this workshop irresistible:

  • Tailored strategies: Our session addresses your industry-specific challenges
  • Real-life applications: strategies for your day-to-day work
  • Interactive learning: Engage directly with your expert tutor Louisa and peers for personalised insights

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