The TikTok Crash Course for comms pros

How to thrive – a realistic guide for comms professionals

Discover the stresses and pressures UK comms professionals face, and get tips and tricks to be a happier,  more successful communications professional.

Working in comms, our work is often the most visible part of the brand.

If you have a hand in social media , you’re the first port of call for questions, complaints and criticisms.

Whatever you do, the public’s got an opinion.

And your colleagues expect miracles.

Your family and friends – well, they barely understand what you do at all!

The pressures can get you down.

How do you cope? Is it possible to flourish?

In this webinar social media expert, Hel Reynolds, shares the latest research and loads of tips and tricks to help you thrive and feel happier in your job.

Watch now!

On demand: Watch the replay, recorded on 26th January 2023

Who’s this for?

Anyone who works in digital communications – you’re very welcome! If your job title includes the words: social media; comms; PR; or marketing – you’ll get value from this session.

Does this sound like you?

  • Demands from colleagues mean you're always firefighting
  • You suspect people undervalue your work
  • You find it hard to switch-off from work
  • Your work could be better if you only had more time
  • You want to get your creative mojo back

If so, you’re going to love this webinar!

What you’ll learn:

  • Common themes and struggles across the profession
  • Tips and tricks to manage stress for digital comms professionals
  • How to ensure you're always learning and developing
  • Ways to be happy and thrive!
  • And we’ll have a quick de-stress moment at the end

Event Speaker: Hel Reynolds

Chief Creative Officer, Comms Creatives

Social media creativity expert, Hel Reynolds runs Comms Creatives with her sister, Lesley.
Each year, she trains hundreds of communications professionals to unleash their creativity, with engaging online courses that get people fighting their fears and growing their social media skills.

Hel has bags of awards for her work and is the woman behind ground-breaking projects like @CommsCartoons & #31DaysOfCreativity.

When people call her childish, she takes it as a compliment, and she is usually attached to a mug of coffee.

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