‘A Guide to Boring’ by Hilaire Belloc

by | Jun 29, 2011

Woah there!

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  1. William Lasseter

    Thanks so much for posting this. I’ve loved reading Mr. Belloc (and his pal, Mr. Chesterton) for years and came across this essay in hard copy some time ago – harder to find on the internet, though.

    • acedigitalcomms

      Thanks William, I wanted to share it as it has dramatically enhanced my enjoyment of boring conversations over the years. Spotting which rule has been utilised in a conversation can be quite fun!

  2. Pooja Shah

    thank you so much for going to the bother of typing this out! i’ve been longing to inflict myself on the drones of this world as retribution and it was so wonderful to know that not only did someone yearn for this as much as me but went to the bother of writing out all the ways to do so! 😀



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