How to do Facebook REALLY well in local government (part two)

Sep 6, 2012

Woah there!

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  1. rhiannonldavies

    Thanks for this brilliant, and very useful post. I often train youth service teams in social media, and their first question is always about permissions for things like taking photos or videos of young people and posting them to facebook. I loved the idea of taking photos at the skatepark and getting the young people to tag themselves as a way of jump starting interaction with a page, but can you tell me did Dan ask them/ their guardians to sign something to give permission to do this? I feel like sometimes we can get hung up about these things and they can hold us back, but at the same time I can understand project/ youth workers not wanting to “get in trouble”. Any tips?Thanks again!

    • DanBDavies

      Hey Rhiannon.
      Photograph and filming consent is included in our generic consent forms which are issued to young people to take part in the activity. If we facilitate an activity in schools, we will honour the consent that the school has obtained when the pupil enrols.
      I hope this helps!

  2. Stephen Tamlin (@stephenjtamlin)

    Hi Helen.

    I’ve checked out your blog, I told you I would :).

    I think your friend Dan is right on the money here with matching his strategy with his audience. The local pages is perfect for example. Monmouthshire council very lucky to have a guy like him.

    And slightly contradicting what James Cridland said at the oi conference sometimes negativity can be a good thing, If it’s dealt with in a positive manor it can be very effective.

    • DanBDavies

      Your comment was wicked to read, cheers Stephen! 🙂


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