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I’ve been banging this drum for years now – organisations should be encouraging all employees to use social media.

At a conference I spoke at yesterday, two PR legends, Professor Anne Gregory and Jørn Madslien referred in their presentations to the Edelman Trust Barometer and what some of the fascinating insights in the report mean for modern PR.

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People are far more likely to trust information that comes from an organisation’s experts and ordinary members of staff than from the CEO.

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A ‘person like yourself’ is very popular but yet it’s alway the big cheeses PRs pull out for interviews or persuade to blog/tweet/YouTube.

Much as I like to think there is no such thing as a person like me (I’m unique alright?!), I can easily see how people want to relate to and believe in those who live similar lives.

Also, your organisation will always have experts. Do you use them enough?

Communications and marketing people often always worry about their company’s reputation when staff are let loose on social media. But it’s a bigger risk to demand they stick to only personal use or tightly adhere to the corporate line.

The organisation’s reputation will improve as more credible, expert and trusted voices are heard. Social media is an easy way to let your colleagues outside the communications department to find their voice.

Social media gives an organisation a chance to get staff engaging with people like them and sharing information that has more value because it’s from a trusted source.

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