Communications training prices (2020)

The Comms Creatives approach is about getting you the best possible results, while boosting your confidence and creativity.

So it’s not just excellent advice and strategic insights you get – together we CREATE, helping you confidently embed those skills in your work.

Let’s choose your perfect creative training plan​…

Online masterclasses

Vibrant, paced learning with video modules and support in an online community.

Take part in video lessons in your own time - great for time-poor teams.

Rewatch videos whenever you want and download worksheets and resources from our learning website.

Join a supportive online study group of creative communicators from other organisations

The environmentally friendly option - no travelling to attend a class, just take part on your laptop or phone wherever you are!

Creativity mini-course

£ 10
per person
  • 31 tasks that will boost your creativity
  • Each task takes you less than 15 minutes
  • You’ll do things like: taking a photo, writing a poem, trying out an app, taking a quiz and scribbling a diagram on paper
  • It's so much fun!

Masterclass courses

£ 825
per person
  • Become an expert in your field
  • Access a library of video learning, guides and resources
  • Join an amazing community of people sharing their work and helping each other
  • Complete an assignment to become a certified Comms Creatives professional
Most popular

Quick courses

£ 99
per person
  • Start the week with a 45 minute video tutorial
  • Complete 6 daily tasks
  • Join a thriving community of creative learners​
  • It's practical and creative!

Face-To-Face masterclasses

Meet Hel in real life, and let her unlock those creative talents that are waiting to burst out of you!

Hel will travel to training facilities you provide at your offices, or arranged by your team.

Get training for up to 16 people, tackling the topics of your choice.

This can be anywhere in the world - there is a surcharge for training outside the UK.

Get unparalelled access to Hel creative insights - all tailored to you and your team.

Half-day training

£ 1600
for up to 8 people
  • Get a short, sharp injection of creative social media skills from Hel with a three hour training session. You'll be surprised by how much you learn

One day training

£ 2500
per person
  • Take a day away from your usual day-to-day work to learn new skills, the Comms Creatives way. Grow your skills and confidence
VERY Popular!

Two-day training

£ 4500
per person
  • Thorough learning and a real chance to put your learning into practice with support and guidance from Hel Reynolds

*Prices include the trainer’s travel and accommodation within the UK.  We are always happy to arrange for training outside the UK to cover our extra travel expenses and time.

Communications consultancy packages

Get advice and strategic support that will ignite the creativity in your communications and marketing.

Campaign creativity consultancy

£ 7500
  • Boost your team's creativity, and let Hel help you with a big launch or campaign coming up.
  • Perfect for teams who want to be inspired, and need to deliver a campaign that is unusual and bold, award-winning, and that delivers big results.
  • Over two days working with you and a day of our desk research to problem solve, generate ideas, and bring out your creativity, Hel will help you use what you've got to become a leading comms or marketing team in your sector.

VIP comms pro day - for one or two people

£ 2500
  • Spend a day picking Hel's brain, problem-solving, generating ideas together.
  • Analyse the way you work and spot opportunities for improvement.
  • End the day inspired, with an action plan for your comms project or career.

Social media strategy consultancy

£ 9500
per person
  • Get expert insight and support in creating a social media strategy for your organisation
  • Learn everything you need to include and consider in your strategy, and design a creative and pioneering that gets your organisation big results​
  • Helen will spend a day with you and colleagues talking strategy and gathering data to create a draft skeleton strategy. We then arrange another day long visit with you to discuss how you will refine and implement the strategy.,
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