Your digital communications development roadmap

Work your way up through the levels to mark and celebrate your progress

Level 3: Creative communications strategy and leadership


  • Social media strategist course part 1: inspire, analyse and define your vision
  • Social media strategist course part 2: model your approach
  • Social media SOS course: understand the new landscape & prepare for a crisis


  • Write your strategy: create your brand's social media masterplan
  • Public speaking skills course: confident communication for meetings and presentations
  • Planning for crisis checklist: template to prepare your plan


  • Influence and leadership course: management, and stepping up in your career
  • Career planning workshop: achieve your dreams
  • Your personal brand and networking plan: complete the workbook to define what you’re known for

Level 2: Advanced digital communications media skills

  • Complete a channels masterclass: get advanced skills on a particular platform – choose from these lessons
  • Engaging content bootcamp: attend one of our practical content creation workshops
  • Planning, organisation and time management course: boost your performance, increase impact

Level 1: Cutting-edge social media expertise

  • Social Media Expert Course: learn the skills to become an expert
  • Social media advertising: take this lesson to learn the basics and get maximum ROI
  • Comms Creatives mindset session: attend to learn how the most successful social media experts think
  • Social Media Expert portfolio: create your professional manual
  • Content planning calendar: plan in some creative content using our calendar of prompts
  • Prepare a social media report for your boss: show analysis of your performance
  • Share your learning: share a social media post with your network that shows your learning and development
  • Monthly creative experiences: attend one of our inspiration and de-stressing sessions
  • Content of the Week: read about inspiring work from other brands